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My name is Ravid Haken, a native of Israel, a 34-year-old resident of Gan Yavneh. A creator in the field of textiles and photography, Have been involved in creation for the past twelve years. A "Shenkar -the College of Engineering, Design, and Art" graduate.
During my studies, I specialized in every existing knitting technique, including crochet, knitting, manual machines, and industrial machines. Knitting has taken its place for me as a tool for self-expression, just as a brush, paint, and canvas are in the hands of a painter. I find the choice of materials and colors exciting while knitting as a meditative action. The work is intuitive, free use of yarn and thread, to release inhibitions and "conventions" for creating textile, within a framework- that is the purpose of the work, taking into account the size of the crochet, thickness, stiffness, etc.

‏The textile could be traditional or contemporary, amorphous and sometimes surrealistic.

  These days I am setting up a set of lessons using the "wild knitting" method in collaboration with Beit Hanna. In addition, the pieces are displayed and sold in Gallery 1-135, Tel Aviv, or directly in front of HKN Studio.

In the last two years, my work has made headlines in magazines in Israel and abroad, and these as a local and international recognition of the work and knitting theory that I develop and apply and pioneer in my field as a contemporary textile designer. My work has been exhibited at local and international exhibitions and is on loan for various photography productions in Israel and around the world. 
  Opposite the knitting was the photography, and these developed together and blended into each other in my work. My subjects are men and women on the LGBT-queer range, wrapped in knitted textiles and the combination of them creates a dialogue between a male or female body and textiles that obscure the gender, sexuality, and sometimes the humanity of the model.

Several of my photography series has been featured in several online magazines dealing with art and proud creation.







Textile value chain 

Pineapple mag



Kaltblut mag



AT Magazine 2019 

Legit mag 2019


Exhibitions and activity

Mar 2020-  “Costume party”,  Edmond de Rothschild Center

Jun.2019-   “No rainbows without rain” salon exhibition, 1-135 gallery.

may.2019-   “Winning outfit” exhibition by Yoav Meir and Gili Sivan.

Ap.2019- Milan design week, Israeli design showroom, Asia Design Milano of Milan design week.


Mar. 2019- "Shoresh sandals" fashion show, during the 2019 Israeli fashion week.

Feb. 2018-  "steel city"- pop-up store, at the "Kuku nest" gallery.

Dec.2017- "like a feather", a group exhibition, at  “The farm” gallery, Holon, Israel.


Dec.2017- "Glocal" a group exhibition, during the Israeli Design week, "Hamishkan” Gallery. Holon, Israel.

Oct.2017-  “message in a bottle”, a group exhibition, during Tel- Aviv 2017 illustration week.

Jun.2016- “Bootleg”, Tel-Aviv. A solo exhibition, “SKINS”/ A series of photographs that deals with culturally oppressed groups using the textile design on a human body.