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My name is Ravid Haken, an AICF 2017-2018 Scholarship Recipient at the field of Textile Design. Bachelor of Textile Design, Shenkar- College of Engineering, Design and Art. A Jaffa resident, born and raised in Israel\Palestine.

I am a fashion designer and a textile artist, creating clothing using Knitting, Printing and Embroidery techniques. My creations are objects inspired by nature and its marvelous pallets, and their encounter with the human body. The work is very organic whether it translates to a knitted or a crocheted piece.






Textile value chain 

Pineapple mag



Kaltblut mag



AT Magazine 2019 

Legit mag 2019


Exhibitions and activity

Jun.2019-   “No rainbows without rain” salon exhibition, 1-135 gallery.

may.2019-   “Winning outfit” exhibition by Yoav Meir and Gili Sivan.

Ap.2019- Milan design week, Israeli design showroom, Asia Design Milano of milan design week.


mar.2019- "Shoresh sandals" fashion show, during the 2019 Israeli fashion week.

feb. 2018-  "steel city"- pop up store, at the "kuku nest" gallery.

Dec.2017- "like a feather", a group exhibition, at  “The farm” gallery, Holon, Israel.


Dec.2017- "Glocal" a group exhibition, during the Israeli Design week, "Hamishkan” Gallery. Holon, Israel.

Oct.2017-  “message in a bottle”, a group exhibition, during Tel- Aviv 2017 illustration week.

Jun.2016- “Bootleg”, Tel-Aviv. A solo exhibition, “SKINS”/ A series of photographs who deals with cultural oppressed groups using textile design on a human body.