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As a kid, fashion wasn't just clothes to me. It was a portal to fierce queens and dazzling fabrics, a way to express the stories swirling in my head. But the rediscovery of crochet, an age-old art form, truly set my soul on fire. HKN is about something other than recreating the past, however. It's about breathing new life into tradition, using yarn and needles to redefine what it means to adorn the body.

Here, at HKN, gender norms unravel. Forget limitations on color, texture, or silhouette. We celebrate you in all your glorious individuality. Imagine a world where thongs shimmer with rainbows and beads, where jockstraps dance with fringe and gemstones. Every piece is meticulously crafted by hand, a testament to the love and care that goes into creating something extraordinary.

Soft yarns and luxurious textures caress your skin, empowering you to embrace your authentic self. We reject the tyranny of beige and black, offering a kaleidoscope of options to personalize your expression. Every piece is like a blank canvas – customize colors, materials, and details to tell your unique story.

Join me on this journey of breaking free from expectations. Explore the possibilities HKN offers and discover the power of self-expression through the art of crochet. Let's redefine what it means to adorn yourself together, one liberating stitch at a time.






Textile value chain 

Pineapple mag


Kaltblut mag


AT Magazine 2019 
Legit mag 2019

Exhibitions and activity

Mar 2020- "Costume party," Edmond de Rothschild Center

Jun.2019- "No rainbows without rain" salon exhibition, 1-135 gallery.

may.2019- "Winning Outfit" exhibition by Yoav Meir and Gili Sivan.

Ap.2019- Milan Design Week, Israeli Design Showroom, Asia Design Milano of Milan Design Week.

Mar. 2019- "Shoresh sandals" fashion show during the 2019 Israeli fashion week.​

Feb. 2018- "Steel City"- pop-up store at the "Kuku Nest" gallery.

Dec.2017- "Like a Feather," a group exhibition at "The Farm" Gallery, Holon, Israel.

Dec.2017- "Glocal," a group exhibition, during the Israeli Design Week, "Hamishkan" Gallery. Holon, Israel.

Oct.2017- "Message in a Bottle," a group exhibition, during Tel- Aviv 2017 illustration week.

Jun.2016- "Bootleg," Tel-Aviv. A solo exhibition, "SKINS,"/ A series of photographs that deal with culturally oppressed groups using the textile design on a human body.

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