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Is it another case of a mega brand vs an indie business ripoff?

The last few months were a blissful press heaven for me as a young designer.

In July, a series of photos which presented my designs, worn by me and strutted by me in my cute Living Room was published on my instagram feed and follow it, in @vogue , @paper and @dazed.

Having said that, Yesterday my studio account was disabled by Instagram as it seems – for 24 hours (hopefully, I know ppl that were unable to access their accounts after the time limit). my queer body and art are being censored consistently by Instagram who keeps removing and reposting my photos, finally, I guess someone had enough and my designed, shaped and nurtured account was blocked. It is not a secret that this platform is very beneficial with makers and creators, and like most online businesses, Instagram is my main source for site traffic and online sales, (thanks covid19:().

With a bummer coincidence of my account being disabled, and the last @chanelofficial show photos having been released (which are great honestly), I happen to find that there was a design with many similarities to one of my knitted dresses. Now, maybe I am overrating The exposure of my art in the media but I can't overlook the resemblance of the two designs. I find two manors very upsetting, first, the possibility that a mega brand is “inspired” by my very distinctive aesthetics and designs but I see no money and no credit while I'm working my a** off to make a living. second, the fact that my designs and art are keep breaking the community guidelines because they are being presented on queer hairy body (yes, based and my experience it seems like body hair is a factor in the decision of posts removal ) or because it is a “male” body (women of the world, I love you and respect you, and me and my brand are standing for human rights, women rights of their body, voice and every life espect choices) but patriarchy is a bit more tolerant with female nudity.

I find this odd, maybe you do too… I’m posting it here in my newborn account HKN_studio_

photos by @chaneloficial @dietprada

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