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Hand-made knitted top in khaki with adjustable laces made of Cool summer fabric.

Stepping back in time to ancient Greece, where women embraced light and airy dresses crafted from linen or wool. Among their favorites were the elegant "chiton" and "peplos," effortlessly draped and secured for ease of movement and ultimate comfort.  Inspired by this timeless fashion, our latest creation pays homage to the grace and allure of Greek goddess dresses. With intricate knit patterns and sumptuous textures, it captures the essence of ancient luxury in a modern context. 


- Shirred, stretchy

- Bodycon fit

- All dressed up or casual

- One size fits m-L

Technique: Knitting

Materials: Cotton, Viscose, Linen.

Take care of the piece: Hand wash or use the wool program on your washing machine. Dry in the shade.


Hellenic Opulence

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